7-Point Highlander MTGO League – lessons learned for European Highlander

by Paul W. Over the last couple of weeks, I exposed myself for the first time in months to a competitive Highlander tournament-setting (or rather, as competitive as a non-sanctioned format can ever dream of being, but you get the idea…) by participating in a 200+ player 7 Point Highlander (7PH) league on MTGO, equating to 10 rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top […]

Magic Monday 26/10/2020 – Tournament Report (by Paul W.)

My esteemed readership, In case you have not heard the news: Highlander is happening more regularly now on Cockatrice. Aesthetics and convenience in operation aside, the software is really helpful in cramming a lot of games into a small timeframe. We also found a tournament mode which allows to have almost no downtime between matches, as we simply rotate between tables once a match has […]

Going Undefeated at MGM15 with Mardu Superfriends

by Dominik B. My allegiance to the Mardu clan basically boils down to two factors: 1. I like it. 2. I can’t afford blue dual lands (for now). Being a deck builder at heart, I dedicated a lot of testing, brewing, theorizing, discarding lists, getting stomped at FNMs and being told that I cripple myself by excluding blue and green, to the idea that Mardu […]

Bad Moon Rising Over Halle

By Niclas E. These days, it seems nothing much is going on on magicplayer.org. Most people seem to only view the site to get updates on the banned list, while most discussion on the format takes place elsewhere. However, if you look closely you can actually find a section with really old decklists and tournament reports there. It’s a really interesting read if you want […]

Building 5C or HowToGoMad Part 3: The Tournament

Hello everyone. The journey to make 5C Aggro work in Highlander, regarding deck list and improving my play has finally gotten kinda good. Boosted by the incredible find of and a lot of fine tuning through many testing sessions with Lukhan I managed to get to the Top 8 at the Highlander Cup in Bischofsheim this year. It’s still the biggest European tournament of our […]

Metagame Masters 6 Tournament Report

Before the Tournament MGM6 was no different to MGM5 in regard to deck selection: I was again pretty clueless. Everything I tried – Temur Kiki-Tempo, Esper Tempo, Mardu Lowrange – felt so close to eachother in powerlevel but also had weak spots I couldn’t ignore. I didn’t feel particularly good about any deck really. And that has been a continuing theme of the past few […]

Metagame Masters 5 Tournament Report

Mid of February 2016: The 5th Installment of the Metagame Master Tournament Series was coming up and I didn’t know what to play. Absolutely no clue. I had been playing twice a week and was still waiting to feel confident about one particular deck, to have that „click!this is it!“-moment. I had been testing Mardu Midrange, Esper Midrange, Jeskai Burn and everything felt very close […]