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Highlander is a 100 card singleton format of Magic the Gathering.
We believe it is the greatest competitive format there is.
This website is here to present the passion, deck-innovation, tournaments,
skills and endless amounts of amazing game states that make playing Highlander the best.

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Building 5C or HowToGoMad Part 2: The Learnings

Months have passed since my first piece on building 5C. Months that felt like years. That’s the way it should be I guess. Life happens. But the 5C quest still exists. And you know what: I haven’t changed my current 5C list for about two months. It’s REALLY good. But to get there wasn’t easy and I still don’t play it well enough. No practice, […]


Breaking Midrange

Breaking Midrange I am a midrange player by accident. The 100 cards I owned at the time fit the midrange strategy, when I started playing Highlander 2012. Now my cardpool allows me to play almost any deck, be it combo, aggro or control. After my infamous MGM 5 performance (35th Place) with artifact combo I am curious to combine midrange and combo. Partially inspired by […]


8 Cuts – 4cBlood by Tom F. (MGM5 Winner)

Hello and welcome to what is hopefully becoming kind of an article series: 8 Cuts. Cutting 8 cards out of an existing deck and replace them with other cards. Why? 1. 100 Cards are a lot and identifying the weakest links is challenging and interesting. 2. I believe it’s hard to be immune to what I call „Staple-Blindness“ – some cards have been part of […]


Strategies & New Cards

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HIGHLANDER AND BANS – How do we make the best format even better?

As I’ve stated many times before, I believe Highlander is the best Magic the Gathering format out there. The sheer amount of possibilities in deck building and game situations and the fact that it is very competitive at the same time still amaze me after years of playing. I will never stop. Intense discussions about the latest cards banned by the council of Highlander, for […]


October 1st. 2017 – Mystical Tutor is banned

Today marks the 1st October, which means the release of a new Ban/Unban Announcement. The Changes read as follows: and are unbanned is banned (The official Statement can be found here: ) Since this should not be a wall of text but a short sunday read, I just decided that every word I spend on the Unbans is one word less I can spend on […]


Palace Jailer: The Story

Once in awhile you stumble over a card you have not seen in play anywhere and which seems quite good. You test it out and it is most likely not good enough – after all there is probably a reason why you have not seen it anywhere. Sometimes though, it suprises you and you test it further: You think it is „playable“ or at least […]


Tournament Coverage


MGM8 Tournament Report / Mardu Midrange

by PAUL W. During the tournament, I found myself in a miraculous spot. I somehow managed to reach top 8 of my first tournament ever in one of the most diverse formats you can imagine. In this article, I want to share impressions about how I approached the tourney and the process of refining my deck to give back the great HL-community the joy I […]


MGM8 Tournament Report / Jeskai Twin

After going 4-2 with Temur Twin at MGM7 and missing Top8, I decided to go back to my roots and battle with my beloved Jeskai Twin deck. The day before, I was torn between this pet deck of mine and a UW Tempo version, that had been feeling great. The 2 decks felt equally „right“ so I sleeved them both up and took a few […]


Building 5C or HowToGoMad Part 3: The Tournament

Hello everyone. The journey to make 5C Aggro work in Highlander, regarding deck list and improving my play has finally gotten kinda good. Boosted by the incredible find of and a lot of fine tuning through many testing sessions with Lukhan I managed to get to the Top 8 at the Highlander Cup in Bischofsheim this year. It’s still the biggest European tournament of our […]


Next Big Tourney

Metagame Masters #12, Berlin, July 14th 2018


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