Metagame Masters 6 Tournament Report

Before the Tournament MGM6 was no different to MGM5 in regard to deck selection: I was again pretty clueless. Everything I tried – Temur Kiki-Tempo, Esper Tempo, Mardu Lowrange – felt so close to eachother in powerlevel but also had weak spots I couldn’t ignore. I didn’t feel particularly good about any deck really. And that has been a continuing theme of the past few […]

8 Cuts – 4cBlood by Tom F. (MGM5 Winner)

Hello and welcome to what is hopefully becoming kind of an article series: 8 Cuts. Cutting 8 cards out of an existing deck and replace them with other cards. Why? 1. 100 Cards are a lot and identifying the weakest links is challenging and interesting. 2. I believe it’s hard to be immune to what I call „Staple-Blindness“ – some cards have been part of […]

Metagame Masters 5 Tournament Report

Mid of February 2016: The 5th Installment of the Metagame Master Tournament Series was coming up and I didn’t know what to play. Absolutely no clue. I had been playing twice a week and was still waiting to feel confident about one particular deck, to have that „click!this is it!“-moment. I had been testing Mardu Midrange, Esper Midrange, Jeskai Burn and everything felt very close […]